How To Visit Ilha Fiscal, Rio de Janeiro’s Fairytale Castle

Rio de Janeiro has so many breathtaking attractions that aren’t world-famous, and this post will focus on one of them: Ilha Fiscal (which means Fiscal Island and is pronounced “IL-ya fis-COW”). The castle is undoubtedly eye-catching, and its striking mint color is enough to pique anyone’s curiosity. This post will explain how to visit.


A Visit To Ilha de Paquetá, Rio’s Tranquil Island Getaway

Welcome to the blog’s very first installment of Rio de Janeiro 360! This weekly series will highlight all the best things to do during a visit to Rio, and I wanted to start off with a little corner of Rio that most people have probably never even heard of. In fact, this island is very calm despite being only an hour away from downtown Rio by ferry...


Initial Impressions of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Welcome to Caffeinated Excursions’ first post featuring the city of Rio de Janeiro! I moved to Brazil back in January of this year and I wrote an “Initial Impressions of São Paulo” post after spending two weeks there. Since I’ve been in Rio for about a month now and plan to stay here for a while, I figured I’d write a similar post...