Ideas For a Budget-Friendly Weekend In Singapore

When I booked my flights for a getaway weekend to Singapore, I was aware of the city’s reputation for being expensive. I was excited to see this global hub of finance, trade, and innovation for the first time, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money over the course of two days. Before making any other decisions, I decided to focus my trip on exploring the city as economically as possible.

In this post, I’ll share some ways to enjoy a few days in Singapore without spending a fortune. At the end, I’ll share the one thing worth splurging on. Let’s get started!

Free (Or Almost-Free) Things To Do In Singapore

The following is a list of things to do in Singapore, including suggestions on where to stay and how to get around.

Explore Chinatown

Chinatown (otherwise known as “Outram”) is the part of Singapore I liked most. It’s authentic and full of activity throughout the day. I also enjoyed seeing the colorful buildings and storefronts here.

Be sure to try Singaporean noodles at one of the restaurants in the area! I went to one called Chiew Kee Noodle House on Upper Cross Street, and it was delicious and cheap (about 7 SGD).

If you only have time to see one thing, I recommend visiting the beautiful Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. This huge structure is free and open to the public during the day. Be sure not to miss the rooftop garden! There are elevators that can take you up to see it.

Check out Arab Street

Although not nearly as big as Chinatown, Arab Street and the surrounding alleyways are another area that’s full of character. In addition to a beautiful mosque on one end, the neighborhood is home to a surprising number of bars and restaurants.

I ended up trying venison murtabak from a local restaurant in the area for dinner one night. Although the trendier places will be more expensive, local restaurants near Arab Street offer meals for under 10 SGD.

Stay at a Beary Best Hostel

One of the most expensive things in Singapore is lodging. The most effective way to save money on a short trip is to stay in the cheapest place you can find. I used Airbnb to book two nights at Beary Best Hostel Kampong Glam, which was located right on Arab Street. They have a couple of other locations throughout the city.

View of the mosque from Beary Best Hostel

At 22 USD per night, Beary Best is still quite expensive compared to most countries in Southeast Asia. However, the location is great, and the hostel was sparkling clean and quiet. They even have a rooftop which offers some amazing views of the neighborhood. To book a reservation at Beary Best Hostel Kampong Glam via Hostelworld, click here.

The view from the rooftop of Beary Best Hostel
The view from the rooftop of Beary Best Hostel

Use the city's Mass Rail Transit (MRT) to get around

Singapore’s MRT system is both easy to use and affordable. It connects almost the entire island to the airport and is basically self-explanatory for anyone who’s been to a big city before. Expect to pay between one and three SGD per ride.

If you stay at a hostel or hotel within walking distance of an MRT stop, you’ll never need to use Grab or call a taxi. Every attraction mentioned in this post is within walking distance to at least one MRT stop.

Free attractions downtown

I’ll be honest: Singapore’s central business district was pretty boring to me. Not only are the buildings nondescript, but the streets are quiet and it doesn’t have the grandiosity and scale of other major world cities. Nonetheless, the Downtown Core is home to a couple of free attractions worth checking out.

The Merlion

This half-mermaid-half-lion statue is a symbol of Singapore. You can’t leave the city without getting an obligatory picture in front of it, and luckily you don’t have to pay to check it out.

Gardens by the Bay

Across the water from the Merlion, you’ll find the Gardens by the Bay. Perhaps most famous for the “Supertree Grove” pictured below, this massive park is the most lush green space in the city center. Although some attractions here cost money (such as “Floral Fantasy” and the OCBC Skyway), general entrance is free.

A light and music show known as “Garden Rhapsody” plays each night at the Supertree Grove and is free for anyone who happens to be there at 7:45 and 8:45 p.m. I didn’t expect to be impressed, but the medley of famous songs and film music ended up being surprisingly fun.

Have lunch at Tiong Bahru Market

I’m glad I got to meet up with a friend from college named Misya not only because it’s been years since I last saw her, but also because she brought me to the Tiong Bahru Market, a local eatery with dozens of hawker stalls that I never would’ve found on my own.

We caught up over plates of delicious noodles which only cost 5 SGD for pretty big portions. This market also has beverage stalls that sell coffee for 1 SGD, which I was in desperate need of! Coffee chains in other parts of the city were charging a ridiculous 7 or 8 SGD (6 USD) for a latte, which made me want to cry.

Visit the Changi Jewel before your flight home

Did you know that Singapore’s Changi International Airport has been voted best in the world for years on end? I can’t definitively say it was my favorite, but it was undoubtedly fancy and infinitely better than the hot mess that is Kuala Lumpur International.

A beautifully empty lounge in Changi. The lounges in KL always seem to be packed with a line out the door.
Changi Airport is filled with art and unique interior designs.

One of the most impressive things at Changi is the Jewel. This shopping center located before check-in or customs is home to the biggest indoor waterfall in the world, and most images online don’t do it justice. It’s much bigger than it appears, and the trees inside the atrium make it feel like you’re in a rainforest. This is also free to visit, so don’t be late to the airport! Fifteen or twenty minutes is plenty of time to check it out.

The View From Marina Bay Sands: Worth The S$23

Now that you know how to visit Singapore on a budget, I’ll share the one thing worth spending a bit of money on: the view from Marina Bay Sands. This massive, iconic resort is a defining feature of Singapore’s skyline, and since it stands apart from the rest of the skyscrapers downtown, it’s the perfect place to get a panoramic view of the city.

Although there are a number of ways to gain entrance to the rooftop deck which famously spans the three towers of the hotel, I recommend just paying for a ticket to the SkyPark observatory. Tickets cost 23 SGD (approx. 17 USD), but there’s no time limit to how long you can stay.

Another option is a rooftop bar called CÉ LA VI, which I think has a minimum drink purchase but no “entrance fee.” However, it looked to me like the bar deck didn’t actually offer unobstructed views. In fact, SkyPark ‘surrounds’ the bar, and I think the two are completely separated. I also saw a long line in the hotel lobby for CÉ LA VI, so it just looked like a lot of hassle for worse visibility.

Note that the famous infinity pool on the top of Marina Bay Sands is only available to guests staying in the hotel, so there’s not an option to purchase a day pass. Needless to say, a room in this luxury resort is quite pricey, so SkyPark is the most affordable option.

I recommend visiting around dusk and watching the city slowly light up.

Marina Bay Sands also offers a unique view of the Supertree Grove.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, a weekend in Singapore doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. You don’t even have to miss the city’s most famous attractions in order to save a buck while exploring! In addition to everything mentioned above, my last piece of advice is to not drink in the city. If you want even a single cocktail or mixed drink, you’ll have to pay handsomely for it: I never saw any for less than 20 SGD (15 USD). Embrace sobriety for a few days and your wallet will thank you!

Is Singapore my new favorite destination?

To be perfectly honest, I liked but didn’t love Singapore. While I’m definitely glad I went once, it’s not a destination I’m dying to go back to. In contrast, I could easily spend a month exploring every corner of Malaysia I haven’t seen yet. The same goes for Thailand. There’s a certain charm throughout most of Southeast Asia that seems to be dampened in Singapore.

Nonetheless, I think all avid travelers should aim to visit the city-state at least once. If presented with the opportunity to go back, I’d be sure to check out the less-urbanized northern side of the island, as well as Pulau Ubin, which is supposed to be a totally different world from the city center.

Have you been to Singapore before? What was your experience with prices and budgeting? Let me know in the comments below; I love to hear from my readers! Thanks for visiting Caffeinated Excursions!

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  1. Ana

    I’ve only been to Singapore once for work a few years ago but didn’t get time to explore the city. I’m planning to visit Sentosa Island soon and mostly because going to Universal Studios! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous and budget friendly guide is just perfect for a weekend getaway!

  2. Carol Colborn

    Great recommendation for that Skypark Observatory!!! Thanks.

  3. MY RIG Adventures

    I’d love to spend a few days in the city even just doing the free and cheap things as you did. The super trees look spectacular. There are certainly some amazing buildings and structures there that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.

  4. Delphine

    I remember some things being surprisingly reasonable in Singapore, such as transport and food. Those noodle houses can have incredible food, that would a focus of my next trip to Singapore!

  5. Danik

    I really cant wait to go to Singapore. It has been on my list for a while and if its like Hong Kong, I think I would need at least two weeks there to do everything, am I right? I love checking out facades on buildings and there seems to be a mixture here which I could love to check out.

  6. Michael Hodgson

    Singapore is high on our “to visit next on an Asia trip” list. Seen photos of the super trees that look very cool, like yours, but they must be amazing in person. And that dish, Singaporean noodles, looks delicious. What makes those noodles so different?

  7. Daniel Kiteski

    You got a great list!! I remember that before visiting SIngapore, I was informed that it is a really high end country with so many different cultural shocks but it turned out that just like any other country you’ll find variety of things to do in singapore depending on your budget. Nevertheless food were the best part of Singapore for me.

  8. Epepa Travel Blog

    Singapore seems to be a really fascinating destination. It’s good to know how to make a trip there more budget-friendly. I would love to try Singaporean noodles, I like such food! Light and music show known as “Garden Rhapsody” sounds like a great idea to spend an evening. It’s impressive!

  9. I’m not sure I knew that a budget friendly weekend in Singapore was even possible, but this does make a lot of sense. I especially think you’re right on the ball here mentioning that wandering around Chinatown is an ideal activity for saving some money, especially as that’s a cheap area in Singapore to begin with!

  10. Ketki Gadre

    Thank you for being honest about not being in love with Singapore. I feel the same as there is too much of everything man-made and I really don’t enjoy it. I visited Singapore on a transit visa but I guess I will probably spend a weekend to give the city another chance.

  11. Jas

    It’s so interesting to to hear that it’s not a destination that’s high up on your revisit list because I was personally just there three times earlier this year. I do like photographing cityscapes and architecture, however, so maybe that’s why. This is bringing back great memories though and Garden Rhapsody is my absolute favorite thing ever!

  12. Sandra Papas

    Singapore is definitely a pretty expensive destination but as you can see it can be done on a budget. The Hawkers Huts are always good for a cheap feed and delicious too!

  13. pinkcaddytraveloguegmailcom

    I’m so glad to know Singapore is doable on a budget, because I’ve also heard about how it can be so expensive. I’d LOVE to see the Gardens by the Bay, and I keep seeing Facebook videos of their airport! And the view from Marina Bay Sands definitely looks like its worth the money. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Sage Scott

    There’s so much to do and see in Singapore, but I think I’d want to see the illuminated grove of trees and indoor waterfall first!

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