Restaurants You Need To Try In Ubatuba, Brazil

Restaurants You Need To Try In Ubatuba, Brazil

Published July 11, 2020

One of the surprising things about the beautiful beach town of Ubatuba is its impressive selection of restaurants. The vast majority of dining options in the city are family-owned, so there are countless unique dining experiences to choose from! This post will feature some of my favorites. It’s divided into four main sections: beach kiosks, sit-down restaurants, fancier options, and pizza places.

Disclaimer: I spent the month of June 2020 in Ubatuba, which means I was there right as the city was partially reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s worth noting that many restaurants remained closed during that time, so this post will feature the ones that were open. Part of my goal in writing this post is to help promote these businesses, so if you find this post helpful be sure to share it!

Beach Kiosks

The most common and iconic type of restaurant in Ubatuba is the beach kiosk (or in Portuguese, “quiosque”). They typically serve a complete menu of alcoholic beverages and a small or medium-sized menu of food, often specializing in fish and other basic meals like chicken or beef with rice and beans.

Quiosque Aloha

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 475, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

My favorite kiosk was Aloha, but I have to admit that this might have been influenced by the fact that my Airbnb was only a couple minutes away. They made an excellent prato executivo (set lunch) with a choice of beef, chicken, fish, or sausage served with rice, beans, fries or potatoes, and a salad.

Quiosque Aloha is pictured below, but most of these beachside kiosks look similar. The three main beaches in Ubatuba are home to dozens of kiosks like this, and during the month of June, it looked like about half of them were open. In addition to COVID-19 this year, June is also the low season for beaches in Brazil (being the middle of winter), so that could’ve also contributed to so few of them being open.

Kiosks such as Aloha are also the perfect place to pick up a cold beer or a caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian cocktail.


Address: Av. Gov. Abreu Sodré, 685 – Perequê-Acu, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This is another noteworthy kiosk with great food and good service. Located on the city’s northern Perequê-Açu Beach, Girassol offered unique cocktails as well as delicious meals. The fajitas served with sliced baguette pictured below were excellent!

Girassol was good enough to go back to a second time. If I had stayed a little closer to Perequê-Açu, I probably would’ve eaten there once every few days. Their fried fish plate with dipping sauces and peppers was another meal to remember.

Mar Aberto

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 650 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

Mar Aberto (Open Sea) is located just a short walk south of Aloha. I only went once but the fried shrimp I got there were good.

Quiosque Mirante

Address: click or tap here for Google Maps link

This kiosk is located on a small cliff overlooking two major beaches in Ubatuba: Praia Grande and Praia das Toninhas. Since it’s not really near any other restaurants or shops, I didn’t expect the food to be anything special when I stopped there for lunch one day, but the fish platter I ordered ended up being both delicious and beautifully plated!

If you’re exploring the beaches further south, this is the perfect place to grab lunch or a small refreshment.


There are probably at least 50 oceanfront kiosks spread throughout Ubatuba, and I really hope that the vast majority of them are able to have a regular high season again by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. If you find another beach bar you really liked that isn’t mentioned here, leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Sit-Down Restaurants

In general, the restaurants in Ubatuba also serve a variety of seafood as well as Brazilian classics. While I did find sushi and Mexican food, I’ll admit that there isn’t a huge international dining scene here. I would’ve loved to see a Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, but these were hard to come by even in São Paulo.

O Rei do Camarão

Padaria Integrale

Address: R. Dr. Esteves da Silva, 360 – Centro, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

Padaria means ‘bakery,’ but this particular bakery had an open-air dining space, so I tried it for lunch one day. The fish, quinoa, and salad I got was probably the healthiest meal I’ve had in recent memory.

As you can see below, they had about half of their tables blocked off to facilitate social distancing. In addition to good food, they also made an excellent mocha!

Restaurante Casa do Marmitex

Address: R. Dr. Esteves da Silva, 322 – Centro, Ubatuba – SP, 11660-000

This restaurant may look simple from the outside, but it ended up being one of my favorites in town! Marmitex is a style of food that basically means a complete set meal, usually for a good price.

This restaurant offers a couple of dishes every day, but also has a rotating menu. The second time I went was feijoada day, so I couldn’t turn that down! It ended up being amazing, especially because it had been so long since I had it last (a couple of months at least).

MaH Restaurante e Pizzaria

Address: Rua Guarani, 335 – Centro, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

Based on their menu and promotional materials, MaH (not really sure how you pronounce that, to be perfectly honest) looked like it offered very fancy food pre-COVID. I stopped in for lunch twice and got their relatively simple yet satisfying lunch combos both times, which only cost a couple dollars.

Quintal da Villa

Address: Rua Guarani, 5 – e 6 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This restaurant is a short walk down the street from MaH. The first time I went, I got a platter of fish and rice for dinner, which I found to be good but not necessarily amazing. When I went back a few weeks later, I got their steak lunch set, which was excellent. At most restaurants in town, lunches in Ubatuba will cost around 20 BRL (approx. 4 to 5 USD as of June 2020).

Taco Surf

Address: Rua Guarani, 746 – Barra da Lagoa, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

It’s been months since I’ve last had Mexican food (and the few times I had it in São Paulo, it was never actually very good). That’s why I was so excited to try Taco Surf! This restaurant next to a small skate park has some Baja and maybe Tex-Mex vibes, and the inside has nods to both skating as well as the main sport of Ubatuba: surfing.

You guys don’t know how happy I was to finally get salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and yellow rice! These ingredients don’t really exist in Brazilian cuisine at all (at least not in São Paulo). I have to admit in all honesty that the food wasn’t 100% authentic, but after living in Mexico City in 2018, my expectations of Mexican food abroad tend to be a little bit too high.

Nonetheless, the food and service was very good here, and this will have to hold me over until I make it to Rio de Janeiro. I highly recommend it if you’re in Ubatuba and craving a burrito.

Okone Sushi

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 752 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

Okone Sushi only offered takeout, but will hopefully be open for dine-in soon again. I decided to go with the special combo they had. I’m not sure if that was seasonal or temporary, but it basically included everything pictured below.

This is the first time I’ve had sushi as a full meal in Brazil, and I have to admit that it definitely had a little bit of a different overall flavor, although I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was. I also had a food coma after this meal, but I think that’s because it was meant for two people!

Luxurious Options

Jundu Restaurante Lounge Bar

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 810 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

Both the price and the vibe of this restaurant suggest that it caters to tourists, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Jundu offers a similar style of food to many of the other restaurants in town, but it does have a slightly less casual vibe.

This is the first time I’ve had sushi as a full meal in Brazil, and I have to admit that it definitely had a little bit of a different overall flavor, although I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was. I also had a food coma after this meal, but I think that’s because it was meant for two people!

This is the first time I’ve had sushi as a full meal in Brazil, and I have to admit that it definitely had a little bit of a different overall flavor, although I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was. I also had a food coma after this meal, but I think that’s because it was meant for two people!

Restaurante Raízes

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 1281 – Sala 1 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This massive restaurant with multiple floors of dining is the other one that stood out to me as catering mainly to tourists. Their huge dining room allowed for very generous social distancing between tables.

I tried their filet de dourado em crosta de coco, a fried fish with coconut flakes and a side of black rice and mandioquinha purée, a type of root vegetable native to South America.

Restaurante Terra Papagalli

Address: R. Xavantes, 537 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This was probably my favorite place I splurged in Ubatuba. It has a very refined yet warm and welcoming vibe, and they have a nice little patio area facing the ocean.

The lighting isn’t great in the picture below, but I really liked the octopus pasta I decided to try for dinner. The most memorable part of the experience though was the fact that they offered a free dessert! I’m not sure if that’s because there was only one other family dining, and maybe the chefs were bored, but I wasn’t about to turn that down! Perhaps they also had a sixth sense that they would be featured in a blog post!

It ended up being a serving of raspberries and vanilla ice cream served in a hot sauce that reminded me a lot of German gluhwein. It felt very Christmas-y today, and despite being June, it was the perfect thing for a rainy evening!

Pizza Places

For whatever reason, Ubatuba has a ton of pizza restaurants. I honestly think at least 40% to 50% of restaurants in town serve pizza as one of their specialties. It makes me wonder if pizza is a food that Brazilians enjoy on holiday more than as an everyday meal. Although I only mention two below, there are many others to choose from.

Brothers Pizzaria

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 58 – Barra da Lagoa, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This pizzeria with a large dining room was noteworthy because they allow you to get four different flavors on one pie, and they have a massive menu to choose from. I’ll say that in general, pizza in Brazil is lighter on the tomato sauce and heavier on the cheese. You can see this in the picture below. It also tends to have thick crust, so in many ways it’s closer to American-style than authentic Italian.

Restaurante Senzala

Address: Av. Leovigildo Dias Vieira, 1030 – Itaguá, Ubatuba – SP, 11680-000

This restaurant offered a standard menu with a full range of dishes, but I had to go with their seafood pizza when I saw it. Unlike most pizza restaurants in Brazil, Senzala actually did have a much more Italian (i.e. thin crust) pizza, which was refreshing.

Ubatuba: More Than Just Beaches

Ubatuba is such a great town because despite its jaw-dropping beaches, it isn’t overly commercialized. The vast majority of restaurants here really are small businesses, so any visitor who dines out is genuinely supporting the local economy!

As I said before, I really hope that all of the businesses mentioned here can make it through this current low season and that Ubatuba will be able to safely host visitors during the upcoming summer season that will start at the end of the year. If you want to help these businesses out, share this article or engage with some of them on their social media platforms!

One of many beach kiosks that is closed, at least for the time being.

Have you been to Ubatuba before? Are you interested in going once this pandemic is over? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in learning about the city’s stunning coastline of world-class beaches or what it was like to be in Ubatuba during its initial reopening, click the respective link. Thanks for reading, guys! Have a great week!

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This post was published on July 11, 2020

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